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Life Guide Mentorship

Life Guide Mentorship is a personalized three month commitment to facilitate a breakthrough on your journey. My goal is to teach and empower you to trust and discern your own intuitive and healing skills, assist in the transmission of attunements or downloads from your Higher Self or Guide Team and inform you of your Soul Blueprint revealing your soul gifts, origination group and life theme. Focus can be on personal healing, skill development, career change, relationship help, seeking self knowledge or finding higher purpose.

Each month you receive:

~one healing or breathwork session- in person or distant (your preference) for clearing blocks, balancing energy/chakras, transmitting downloads or attunements

~scheduled intuitive reading once per week via phone or zoom

~Soul Blueprint reading which reveals your soul gifts, origination group and life theme. We then make plans to help you to make more aligned choices for your life

~targeting major blocks that are in your Soul record from past negative choices that are affecting you now and clearing them.

~plugging you in to guidance from your Higher Self and inner circle spirit guide team.

~monthly practice with intuitive and healing skill development or emotional catharsis release (one on one or small group)

~meditations and visualizations to clarify your vision, connect to Higher Self, connect to intuitive center

~assistance in develping an authentic self care practice to help integrate and ground your 5D ascension process

Life Guide Mentorship $500/month or $1200 paid in full (save $300)

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